2016 Annual JWELL Machinery Company (Shanghai area) Spring Commendation congress

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This is a new year,On February 15,2016 18:00, the annual  Shanghai Jwell Machinery Company commendation congress was held in Jiading campus of Tongji University. There are totally 800 people attended the party: The chairman assistant HE-QIONG and shareholders, board members, general managers and good workers’ families etc.Shanghai Jwell Chemical Fiber Machinery Company’s deputy general manager  JIN-SHENGAN chaired the meeting. Meeting by the commendation congress and the cultural activities of two parts.


The first part of this is commending the advanced and advanced individuals of the speech. First by the chairman assistant He-Qiong awarded  advanced individuals and advanced  collectives. Among them, Good staff, good team leader, excellent debugging engineer, advanced marketing elite, excellent management team, new product development award, no inductrial injury accident workshop and other awards. Through the conference, give a material  reward to the advanced individuals and advanced collectives. And make a model to the collective while help each other and make  progress together.

Then some advanced individuals of the speech and share their past work experience . the  atmosphere was very lively.  no pain, no gain. From the work, We will accumulate experience to improve work skills.

Finally by JWELL company General manager of Shanghai area  Lou Yi Jian  made a concluding speech. The tasks we face are arduous and formidable,  we should Maintain our company image and responsible for our products and our customers. We should study hard to improve ourselves. Finally will do better and better of our products.


The second part of this is cultural activities and  lucky draw, the employees presented a wonderful performance, winning warm applause from the audience. The performance of lucky draw on at the same time. Such as the seven awards:Microsoft surface3,iwatch,40 inches TV,luggage,book card,insulation pot, laundry detergent,etc. The chairman assistant He-Qiong held out ¥30000 cash prize to all the participants extraction.The party reach its climax.








Achievements only represents the past,In the 2016, We are alive with hope, Under our chairman and management team leader and our efforts,JWELL company will beyond dreams, again creates resplendence! , We will be better tomorrow!

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